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Joan Gregerson
Ready to stop struggling with food?
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About Your Guide
Joan Gregerson is a Wellness Coach & Eco-Nut! Her passion is helping people overcome struggles with food so they can live their lives to the fullest! Joan helps her clients link their eating to spirituality, nature, community and inner wisdom so they can relate to food as humans have for 10,000's of years. 

Joan is the creator of the program Food Freedom Naturally, author of the book Tuning In to Inner Peace and CEO of Positive Energy Works LLC. 

Joan studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach, and worked as a coach on the Tobacco Quitline. She has worked as a juice bar-ista at a juice bar, as a "lunch lady" in a middle school, coaches clients and teaches wellness classes.

Joan is the founder of the nonprofit Sustainable Resilience Longmont and worked for over 20 years as an engineer in energy efficiency and sustainability. Joan is owner of Positive Energy Works LLC.

Joan has been featured on Naturally Savvy, One Radio Network, and the Bob Charles Show.

Food Freedom
Mindset Mastery:
How to Eat Nutritious Foods 
Automatically and Joyfully!

This class is for you if...
  •  You want to lose weight or improve your nutrition.
  •  You know what you should eat, but you just don't do it consistently.
  •  Eating healthy food is a struggle for you and takes the enjoyment out of eating.
  •  You are ready to make peace with your food, your body and your life!
If you're struggling with food, you are not alone! Two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. It's not because we don't know what to eat. It's because we have been inundated with advertising since we were little kids and our culture is geared to encourage mass consumption of junk! 

Join me for a fun, informative MasterClass on how to change up your mindset so you can:
- Bring back the fun of eating well.  
- Overcome the patterns of self-sabotage by changing your mindset.
- Learn the U.R.W.I.S.E. pillars for food freedom to stay on track. 

By the end of this 33-minute MasterClass, you will have new tools and a new perspective that will allow you to eat for health without struggle.

On the next page, you'll also get access to your free Mindset Mastery Cheat Sheet. I'll be announcing another free gift in the training, so don't miss it!

Wouldn't it be nice if food was just food? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get back to living the life of your dreams?

You can do it! It all starts with Mindset Mastery. See you inside...
 p.s. You will get access to the replay in case you miss it!

Attend the class and find out how you can get a free $30-value 3-month pass to FMTV!
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and set yourself free. 

YES, You Can Master Your Mindset!

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