Homemade Cashew Milk (no straining required!)

No need to bother a cow. In less time than it takes to buy milk from the store, you can whip up your own yummy cashew milk!

I regularly made almond milk at home and when I worked at a juice bar, but it was time-consuming and messy because I had to strain out the almond meal. Then, my friend at another juice bar told me they make cashew milk and they NEVER strain it. It just dissolves.

Wow, life-changing! Now, when I make cashew milk, I know I’m getting all the cashew goodness right in the milk. Nothing gets wasted.

Now, whenever I notice that I’m running low on cashew milk, I just pop some cashews into a jar to soak. The next day, I drain and rinse the cashews. Then, I blend the cashews, fresh water and dates. Finally, I pour from the blender back into the same jar I used to soak the cashews. I rinse the blender and voila! I’m done.

Soak cashews overnight
Soak cashews overnight.
Drain and rinse cashews.
Pit the Medjool dates. If using Deglet Noor dates, soak to soften before blending.
Cashews, dates and water in blender
Add fresh water, dates and cashews to blender.
Blend until cashews and datesdissolve
Blend until cashews and dates dissolve.
Pour into one or more glass jars.

I use cashew milk on my morning muesli, in my coffee, for smoothies, baking and ‘cream’ sauces.

Right after the milk it blended, it’s whipped up and perfect for adding to coffee for a frothy latte.

Another great thing about making it at home is avoiding the suspect ingredients that are added to store-bought nut milks.

The only down side is that it doesn’t last as long in your fridge. It will go bad in about 5 to 7 days (or is it becoming cashew yogurt?!?). I always go through it pretty quick, but if you’re not sure if you will, here are two tips to keeping it fresh:

  • Store it in several small jars rather than one big one. Keeping the jars closed will keep them fresher longer.
  • Store extras in the freezer (with enough space for expansion). When it’s time to use, simply defrost in refrigerator overnight.