Accessing Programs in Healthie

What are Programs?

Programs are an exciting part of the Food Freedom Naturally offerings!

When you participate in a challenge or coaching program with Food Freedom Naturally, you will also get access to an online course called a “Program” in the Healthie app.

Depending on your membership, you will get access to one or more programs.

Program Modules may be “dripped” out on specific days and may include:

  • Videos
  • Text
  • Forms
  • Documents

Finding Your Coursework for Programs & Challenges

In the mobile app:

  • From the upper main dropdown menu, scroll down and click on “Programs”.

In the web browser on your computer:

  • From the left main menu, click on “Programs”.

In the Program area, click to open and begin working on any program that you have been granted access.

Program Notifications

You’ll receive a notification by email or in the Healthie app, each time a new module is available.

When you receive an email notification for a new module, click the link. If it opens the program in your web browser, you can view the program there. Or, simply close the web page and open the Healthie mobile app, open Programs and view the desired program and module.

You can choose what notifications you’d like by email and in the app. Adjust your notifications as desired. Visit: Setting Up Your Healthie Account.