Setting Up Your Healthie Account

In this section, you’ll learn how to get started with Healthie. In a few easy steps, set up and customize your account so you will get the most out of your Food Freedom Naturally challenges and coaching programs!

Download the Healthie App

Download the free Healthie app to your device

Access Healthie by computer browser

You may also access Healthie via your computer browser instead of or in addition to accessing the app on your smartphone.

Tip: Find your way back to Healthie by using the “Members Area” link in the upper right corner of the website.

Activate Your Account and Log In

Access with personal invite link

The Healthie app is free, but access to Food Freedom Naturally programs is granted only for current members of a challenge or coaching program. 

After enrolling, look for an email from Food Freedom Naturally with your personal invitation link to join.

Click on the link and set up your account on the mobile app or computer web browser. Use the same email address you used to enroll with a new password.

Having troubles finding your link? Please contact us!

Reset Your Password

Forgot your password? 

That happens! If you forget your password, simply click on the “Forgot password” link below the login box or here. Enter your email address and a new link will be sent to you securely via email.

Set Your Profile Picture

Personalize your account by adding a profile picture. This photo is only visible to you and your provider.

  • From the mobile app: Main Menu > Profile Picture > Edit Profile Picture > Select your photo
  • From the computer: Settings > Personal Account > Profile Picture

Customize Notifications and Email Preferences

The notifications in Healthie can help you stay in touch and on track! You can receive notifications for:

  • New chat messages from your coach;
  • Comments on food journal, workouts, metrics, and selfies;
  • Upcoming appointments;
  • Upcoming in-app video session reminders; and 
  • Daily or weekly goal reminders

There are three ways to customize your notification preferences.

Option 1: From the Mobile App Settings. In this step, you can enable or disable push notifications for video session reminders from the Healthie app.

  • On iOS: General Settings > Notifications > Healthie > Allow notifications.
  • On Android: Apps > Settings > More > Healthie > Turn on notifications

Option 2: From the Computer (not mobile app)

  • Log into your Healthie account from a computer, or a web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari)–> NOT within the mobile app. 
  • Click on “Settings (top right)” > Notifications

Option 3: By Request to Your Coach

Contact your coach to adjust push notifications for goal reminders. Choose to receive goal reminders daily, weekly, monthly, or never.

HIPAA and Account Privacy

The privacy and security of your information is our top priority. Healthie is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Click here for more details.