Using the Healthie Coaching App

When you participate in a challenge or coaching program with Food Freedom Naturally, everything you need is in the free Healthie coaching app!

Members get exclusive access to the app, taking challenges and coaching to the next level! You’ll find program materials, recipes, photo food logging, video meetings, along with coach and group messaging all in one place in the app. You can even sync with your Fitbit to track steps!

Learn More about Using Healthie

Intro to the Healthie AppFeatures List
Overview Video
Setting Up Your Healthie AccountDownload the Healthie app
Activate Your Account and Log In
Reset Your Password
Set Your Profile Picture
Customize Notification and Email Preferences
HIPAA and Account Privacy
Navigating the Healthie AppMobile App Menus
Journal / Home Screen
Journal Entries Filter
Home Screen Menu Bar
Main Function Dropdown Menu
Additional Functions in the Web App
Syncing with FitbitHow to Sync Healthie with Fitbit
How to Unsync Fitbit
Data Sharing between Fitbit and Healthie
Troubleshooting Your Fitbit Connection
Logging Your FoodWho Sees Your Food Log?
Should You Log Your Food?
Options for Logging Food
Logging Food in the Healthie App
Logging Food in Fitbit
Logging Food in My Fitness Pal
Logging Exercise in HealthieMany Ways to Log Exercise
Log a Workout
Log a Metric
Use Fitbit to Log Steps or Workouts
Use MyFitnessPal to Log Workous
Set a Goal
Accessing Programs in HealthieWhat are Programs?
Finding Your Program and Challenge Courses
Program Notifications
Setting and Tracking Goals in HealthieHow to Use Small Goals to Get Big Results
Setting SMART Goals
Viewing and Marking Goals as Complete
Adding Goals
Setting Subgoals
Modifying or Deleting Goals
Analyzing Goal Completions and Streaks
Completing Weekly Check-InsThe Magic Power of Weekly Check-Ins
What Happens During a Check-In?
Setting SMART Goals
Scheduling Your Check-In in Healthie
Viewing Scheduled Appointments
Canceling or Rescheduling Existing Appointments
Meeting Your Coach for Your Check-In
Communicating with Your CoachIntake forms
Weekly check-ins by chat
Schedule appointments
Meet by video call
Reschedule or cancel appointments
Purchase coaching programs
Share documents with your coach