Navigating the Healthie App

Discover how to find exactly what you need to succeed! In this section, you’ll learn how to use:

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Mobile App Menus

Find exactly what you need using Healthie’s navigation and filtering menus in the mobile apps.

  • Home Screen Menu Bar: This menu links to key activities for logging and calendar in Healthie. Located along the bottom bar, it has icons for Journal, Messages, Goals, Appointments and Notifications.
  • Main Function Dropdown Menu: Also known as the “hamburger menu”, this menu is shown as three stacked lines in the upper left corner. The menu drops down with links to Home, Video Chat, Documents, Metrics analysis, Fitbit syncing, Programs, Support and Log Out.
  • Journal Filter: The upside down triangular stacked lines in the upper right corner allows you to filter the journal entries by type.

Journal / Home Screen

After logging in, you will see your Journal on the home screen. This is where you’ll spend most of your time, home sweet home!

Here, you’ll see any a feed of food entries, workout entries, selfies and and metrics that you’ve posted. The items are sorted with most recent on top.

Press the “+” button in the bottom right, to log Food, Workout, Selfie or Metric.

Journal Entries Filter

To view a single type of entries in your feed, click on the Journal Entries Filter (upside down triangle, upper right corner.) 

For example, to see just your food journal, click the filter, then Food. 

Home Screen Menu Bar

The Home Screen Menu Bar is found along the bottom of the home screen in the mobile app.  

  • Journal: Returns you to the home screen journal feed. Press the “+” button to log an item to the journal. 
  • Chat: Message with your provider securely. To send a message, type your message and press Send.
  • Appointments: View your upcoming appointments, including the time and location, cancel any appointments, and schedule a new appointment.
  • Notifications: View notifications for new comments on your journal,  new messages from your coach or group, or upcoming appointments. 

Main Function Dropdown Menu

Found in the upper left corner if the mobile app, click on the three horizontal bars to access the main function dropdown menu.

  • Home: Return to the Home / Journal screen.
  • Video Chat: Up to 10 minutes prior to a schedule chat, click here to join the video chat with your coach.
  • Documents: View or download documents your coach has shared with you, or upload documents to share with your coach.
  • Metrics: This section allows you to analyze the metrics you’ve entered in your Journal. Choose a Metric, such as weight, and see the values posted and trends over time. This section may also include other metrics that are entered automatically, such as Steps from Fitbit.
  • Fitbit: Click here to sync Fitbit steps and food entries with Healthie. Log into Healthie first, then Fitbit, and grant permissions. You can also unsync your Fitbit here.
  • Programs: This is where you’ll find the course materials for your challenges and coaching programs. Your program material can be available all at once or released daily or weekly. Each program provides valuable information such as recipes, videos, healthy living and motivation tips.
  • Support: Find instant answers to common questions for using the Healthie app. Search for specific words, such as “Fitbit”, or send a support request to Healthie. Note: For questions about coaching or challenges, or any questions other than tech support for the app, please contact us!

Additional Functions in the Web Browser App

A big benefit of the Healthie app is that you can go back and forth between the mobile app and the web browser app. Find the link to the web browser app by clicking on “Members Area” at the top of the website or click here.

The web browser app offers a more spread out layout than the mobile app. That may make it easier on your eyes, especially if you want to dig into metrics graphs.

If you want to save recipes and documents to your computer, you can do so right within the web browser app.

In addition to layout differences, here are some differences between the web browser app and the mobile app:

  • Change your notifications in the web browser app for when you receive an email notification or push notification.
  • Update your credit card in the web browser app. If you’re in a paid recurring program and have stored your credit card information, you can update it there.
  • Test video chat. If you have a video chat appointment coming up and plan to join from your computer, test it out ahead of time in the web browser app. (You can join video chat from your phone, but there’s no test feature.)
  • Food logging: When making a food entry in your journal, the web browser app uses emojis for emotions rather than words and has a slightly different selection of choices than the mobile app.

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